Portland White Cements


This type of cement with properties that properties that are mentioned to Natioal Iranian Standard ISIRI - 389 , USA Standard / ASTM -C 150 is produced as purified Portland cement The special usage of it is for the concrets for which medium hydratasion temperature is necessary . This type of cement having been know to have highstrength against adphats , is used when the concrete is threatment by slophatation .
cement and clinker
Usage and Advantages :
- it is used in humid or corrosional enivironment where it is in contact with under ground water or flawing water .
- Suitable for sea structure foundation or structures that are in corrosiion full area .
- In voluminous concret working , foundations and irrigation canals .
- With high strength preference against sulphates offence in building cancret pipes .
-To protect cancert in unsuitabel environment situationes .

cement and clinker