Portland Cement Type 52.5


This cement has the highest compressive strength between type 1 and it has the specifications:
The very high Specific surface (Blaine), 15% maximum retained on 32-Micron sieve and extremely high initial and final compressive strength toward the cement type 1-425 (M-400) & Type 2.

cement and clinker
The mortar & concrete made of this cement is rapid hardening and has the moderate sulfate resistance. The properties of this cement accordance with the national & international ISIRI 389, ASTM C150, GOST 10178, BS 12, and DIN/EN 197-1. Application & special properties of this Type of cement:
-Capability of penetration in micro cracks of concrete and stone, bedrocks of dams and body of voluminous concretes.
-utilization for construction of prefabricated concrete parts &decrease of maintenance and side expenditures (and resulting in a reduction of auxiliary costs)
- Acceleration in concrete filing and form removing operation in cold weather

cement and clinker